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30 August 2010 @ 08:16 pm
Aug 30th: DAILY ROUND-UP  

Daily Round-Up

We have enough Cendred-shorts for a Daily Round-Up post. Sa-weet. A day of heightened productivity and putting off homework.


A thoughtful look at who Cendred really is as a King and what motivates him:

“I prefer tight-fitting leather o’er armour”
N is for Not Done in that kingdom o’er yonder
G is the gay sorceress he has as his guide

C is for caveman – his assets all hide
E is for elderly-not; his predecessor, he killed with a cast iron pot
N is for no one who minded this plan
D is for dreadful at ruling the land
R is for recent and random return
Even he knew twas for the season third
Dastardly plans may be well afoot; at the end of the year, he’ll have a stocking of soot.
-writes shifty_gardener

Cendred and Foreign Policy: why he believed in laissez-faire

Cendred glared down from his high horse. “Je ne comprends pas.” The apothecary always yelled at him when he ground his teeth. Apparently the stress would turn them white. “Je suis anglais.” Those dratted Gauls. They were ponces, every last one of them. Raiders he didn’t mind, because they he understood even in the deepest obfuscation dialect could provide. Typically all they wanted were shiny things, booze, and women. So long as they were plundering nowhere near the castle keep that was alright with him. Gauls, however, would always poke at his leather-strap wonder shirt and whinge a bit about wanting Brittany, whatever that meant. Whinging was a right that belonged to the Anglos and Gaelic peasants, and Cendred firmly believed the Gauls should find their own means of expression and keep it to their own land mass.
-writes shifty_gardener

This is the scene in which Cendred's nice black horse just ran away to join Camelot's cavalry because there you'll get knights in fashionable red tunics and shiny chain mail, instead of some badly shaved fellow with a knotted-together dress.
While Cendred can't grasp what's just happened to him, Morgause wonders if she can hex the horse via a growing distance to turn it into a spy for her cause.
-writes the_little_owl

-macros furloughday

EVERYONE: Well done, I say.

Head over to our Prompts Post and choose from any of the splendid story and art ideas, and post your own prompts, too. As many as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's make up identities for this man, ridiculous and multiple.

Upon completion, post your work to the comm, and then post a link to that entry in the Master Fic & Art Post so we have a comprehensive list.

ALSO: Some resources
Macro Making site that I used
Inspirational Poster Making site
if anyone has any other resources, feel free to post them here.