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Welcome to cendredonahorse, a community with a projected lifespan of 14 days. We have until September 11th, when this Cendred guy will actually be introduced, so that's how long this challenge will last.

Mission statement:
  1. To write as much fic and create as much art which is either Cendred-centric, or even just makes mention of Cendred, as possible.
  2. And then, just as we've decided things about him, our ideas will be proven completely incorrect.

What I know about King Cendred
  1. He is a king.
  2. Merlin came from his kingdom.
  3. He is possibly in league with Morgause against Uther.
  4. He is on a horse.

Posting Rules
  1. Write your fic/Create your f-art
  2. Join the community, or don't join the community (WHO CARES)
  3. Post your fic or art OR a link to your work. Tag as fanart or fic.
  4. After you post, come comment on our MASTER LIST with a link to your work.

  1. Come here to read & add to what we know about Cendred so far and LOTS of conjecture
  2. Add to/Get ideas from the PROMPT POST

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